Additional Modules

Asking for what you need – We all sometimes need more help- here’s how to ask for it assertively

Getting a better night’s sleep – A key to a good day is a good night’s sleep

The things you do that mess you up – Identify and then change behaviours you do that seem to work in the short-term but backfire in the longer-term.

The things you do that help – Identify and continue helpful activities

Fix your drinking problem in 2 days – To help those who are drinking too much get back a sense of control by making small steady changes

Stop smoking in five minutes- Helps you deal with craving 5 minutes at a time

Eat Well – Food choices that make you feel good

Irritability and anger – Gain control over your anger or irritability in 3 steps

You, Me and Us – For people struggling in their relationship. The session will help you work on changing things or to choose to leave

Facing fears and tackling avoidance – Face your fears step by step

How to fix almost everything (Practical Problem solving – Tackle problems step by step

Planning for the future – Learn how to stay well after the course