You Time Modules

Short (5-10 minutes) modules aimed to help you stop, think and reflect. Ranging from relaxation through to using a colouring sheet to refocus there’s likely to be something that helps you slow down here.


Tension control training 1 and 2 – A way to relax your body and mind

Be kind to yourself – It’s so easy to be mean to ourselves, learn how to do the opposite

Be thankful – Remind yourself of what makes you smile

Do a colouring sheet – choose to focus your mind on the task at hand and away from your worries

Get the rhythm – Music cheers you up, so why suffer in silence?

Take a mindful moment – Helping create an oasis of peace in your life

Help someone out – Who will you help to make them and you feel happier?

10 things you do can to feel happier straight away – 10 small steps to feeling fitter and happier

Get moving – Release those feel good hormones

Do a WOW walk – The World’s an amazing place – look at it with fresh eyes today